From Preface to Publish, Writing a Book DeMystified

Spring 2014 Weekend Workshop series for writers of fiction and nonfiction

Designed for aspiring writers and veterans alike, this workshop series will provide creative and practical tools to take a book idea or book draft from inspiration to completion. Through supportive coaching and instruction, participants will:

  • develop and enhance creative writing skills
  • learn the creative art of story building
  • develop a practical strategy and timeline for completion
  • learn effective, incisive editing techniques
  • learn practical steps and procedures for self publishing

Each workshop will focus on specific creative and practical aspects of writing to publish, utilizing instructional mini-lectures, writing prompts and facilitated, constructive feedback of student work. Students taking all four workshops will emerge with a map of their book, enhanced writing skills, a strategy and timeline for completion, and practical steps to take toward publication.

All Workshops Saturday and Sunday from 1-5PM

#1  March 22 and 23:  Assessment, Strategy and Mapping – students will read from their work in progress or present their book idea to receive constructive feedback and evaluate next steps, with focus on creating and refining a map for their book, and a practical strategy and timeline for completion

# 2 April 5 and 6: Writing techniques – learning how to define and inhabit the story through characters, dialogue, choreography, backstory and evocative details to bring the story to life.

# 3 April 19 and 20: Stirring the pot – understanding relationships, their texture, tension and purpose in building meaningful, impactful story.

# 4 May 3 and 4: Preparing to launch– learn the art of creative editing, the skill of review and revision, and the practical steps and procedures to self-publish and market your book.  

Includes access to 4 two hour Writing Clinics offered between March 24 and May 9, 2014.

Space is limited. Participants must pre-register. For signup information please contact Ellen Szabo

New Writing Workshops

The following workshops are being offered locally in the Cape Ann area starting in March 2014. 

Ongoing Writing Clinic – this weekly 2 hour clinic is for anyone who wants a place to go to write with other writers. Whether you are writing a book, or thinking of writing a book, or want structured time to write on a regular basis this clinic is for you. This clinic will provide access to targeted, directed writing instruction, support, coaching and facilitated feedback as well as an opportunity to work on your project and to learn from what others are working on.

Writing a Book demystified  – This 2 day (4 hours/day) workshop for writers of fiction or nonfiction, will provide supportive coaching, instruction, and the tools for generating ideas, writing effectively and evocatively, and building and implementing a strategy for completion.

Rebel Poetry – designed to inspire, whether you’ve never written a word of poetry or you are a veteran. Fun, instructive and liberating.

Reading to Write – participants will learn how to ‘read like a writer’ – reading and critiquing key passages from published writers, participants will examine and interpret the language tools that writers use to create textured, convincing, compelling characters and stories.

Writing Toward Memoir Writing memoir is a way to sort out who you used to be and how you got to be who you are. This workshop is for anyone who would like to shape their writing into memoir that is compelling for others to read, whether you are writing to publish, or writing for friends and family.