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For those of you who don’t follow me on twitter @ebszabo here’s what you missed last week. Hope you enjoy:

“Have you fallen in love with the wrong person yet?’ #CassandraClare #WritersBlock: There’s no better cure than #BadLove. try it

“Syllables govern the world” #JohnSelden What this means for #grammar is anyone’s guess, but it does explain a lot #write #rules #breakrules

“I’ll do that before I leave for France” #LorenDoucette #WritingPrompt Write the #50WordStory #ParaFiction #FlashFiction 

#Whatif? #RandallMunroe #SeriousScientificAnswerstoAbsurdHypotheticalQuestions Writing Prompt: pick 1 and build #story  #specfiction

Place defines us. Who lives here? Select one resident and evoke them by showing how place inhabits them #characters

winter-aerial-photo-of-the-village-of-kotzebueU.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Change begins with a good idea, written well. “In a gentle way you can shake the world” #MohandasGandhi #Ghandi #WriteForChange #WriteForGood

#Parallels #ManyStoriesOneWorld #NPR  #Astrology #SuperScience “a judicious mix between destiny + self-effort” HSHande

A real wolf is bound to show up sooner or later. Write the wait and make that the story. #WritingPrompt #CreativeWriting #FlashFiction

give sheep a chance #ExcellentSheep #NationalGeographic  #BBCNews  just sayin

vehicle for change

Select a departure point and destination on a map, then put two people on a bus – chart their geographic progress as they navigate their relationship. How does being in a restricted space limit what they can say? How does the changing scenery propel them into the past? How are they changed by this journey? Who are they when the bus stops at their destination? What have they lost – or gained?

europe-geopolitical-map-of-europe             bus seats 2          dreamstimefree_2064732

In story, sometimes it’s easier to convey change when the characters are literally traveling from one point to another.

the end

All stories must come to an end. Whether short story (up to approximately 7,500 words), or novel (approximately 60,000 words or more).

For Animal Farm the end came at 29,966 words, for Madame Bovary 117,963 words, and for War and Peace 544,406 words (for more word counts go to PWxyz)

Regardless of how many words it takes, don’t end a story because you’ve run out of ideas.

In art as in life, the ending is in the beginning. A great end, whether tragic or happy, provokes and inspires.

Write the end of a story that began here:

pier-with-floating-dock photo: Jim Willis, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service  

When you are done writing the end, write the beginning.